Insurance Claims Bendigo Insurance Brokers.

Our Service:

We’re committed to finding the best coverage at the best value every time, and when it comes time to make a claim, we’re on board with you all the way.

We’re very aware, that when you make a claim, it could come at a time when you feel overwhelmed, vulnerable or ‘out of your depth’. And it’s a time when you genuinely need the assistance of an insurance professional who knows the process inside out.

At Bendigo Insurance Brokers we’ll negotiate your settlement, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit … and handle claims that require a full understanding of complex contracts – it’s all part of the service we offer. Remember, we work for YOU.

Lodging a Claim:

When you make a claim through our brokers, we’ll treat you as a person, not a number.

Our insurance experts will speak with you on an individual basis, because they’re working for YOU.

Most insurers have eliminated the need for a written claim form – so to process your request, just call us on (03) 5440 6800 and we’ll take down the information to settle your claim as fast as possible. From that first call until settlement, we’ll keep you informed.